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sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Little Kid Caught Drinking Out of Toilet

Awww leave him alone, it makes him happy.

Surprise in the Shower!

The girl had her boyfriend overnight at her parents the morning the unsuspecting boyfriend wants to slip in the shower with his girl---and gets quite a surprise!!

Boy is Father at 13

This baby-faced boy is the father of a new girl at 13 years old! He looks more like 8.

terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2009

Man hides marijuana in diapers

Cannabis plants
Keep out of reach of children

A dope smoker was accused of giving new meaning to the phrase "dirty diapers" after hiding cannabis in his child's nappies.

Police said a 26-year-old man was smoking pot and planning to sell it when probation officers stopped by his house for a routine check.

The man tried to hide the marijuana inside nappies that were intended for two infants inside his home.

Police found 45 grams of the drug in one diaper and 34 grams inside another. Police also found prescription pills and drug paraphernalia.

The man was charged with possession with the intent to deliver marijuana and other drug offenses. He's also charged with two counts of unlawful dealing with a child.

The man's brother and another man face the same charges.

How the Kremlin caved in over girl's guinea pig

Pigs were used by George Orwell to satirise Stalin's Soviet state in Animal Farm - but guinea pigs are just as controversial in modern Russia.

Guinea pig
What a Russian Guinea Pig may look like

A 13-year-old girl has felt the wrath of the Kremlin for having the audacity to ask the Russian president for a new pet. Nastya Ivliyeva wrote to Dmitry Medvedev's website asking for a guinea pig to go with her existing one.

As soon as local officials found out about the request they went to the girl's school where she was called to the headmaster's office and ticked off so badly that she burst into tears.

They then summoned Nastya's parents to condemn them for bringing up a brazen child who would waste the president's time on such trifling matters. Nastya was even forced to write a letter retracting her request.

But attitudes shifted when her parents complained to the president about the officials' behaviour and a newspaper publicised the plight of the girl from Kalitvensky in southern Russia.

The next day, officials called again - but this time to hand over two guinea pigs and a cage.

The episode marked a 'complete failure by the authorities to understand real people and their problems', said youth committee leader Sergei Chyuev.

Last year, Siberian girl Dasha Varfolomeeva, nine, used a TV show to ask leader Vladimir Putin for a dress and a trip to Moscow. She got both.

segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

President Obama addresses Economic Recovery House Meetings

'Five star' toilet for Taiwan temple

The toilet was funded by superstitious borrowers

A Taoist temple in Taiwan is building a million dollar "five-star" public toilet shaped like a trio of bamboo shoots.

Last year, the Tzenan Temple in Nantou county lent 600 New Taiwan dollars ($18) to 450,000 people without registering a single default - apparently because borrowers feared offending the temple's deity.

It put the interest on the loans toward construction of an elaborate restroom complex to serve worshippers.

The NT$40 million ($1.2 million) complex - described by temple staff as "five-star" - is in the shape of three bamboo shoots, Nantou's most important agricultural product. Their golden hue emulates the color of mature bamboo when it's sold in local markets.

Abbot Chuang Chiu-an said the project was made possible by the reluctance of borrowers to offend the temple's deity - the spirit of an ancient Chinese governor who rewarded subjects in line with the fealty they demonstrated to traditional virtues.

"No one would dare make a default to the deity and risk bad fortune," Chuang said.

He did not comment on the wave of failures undermining larger financial institutions, but did regret that the size of his temple's loan packages was limited by the current economic slowdown.